LEGION: A Legacy of Excellence in Electronic Switches and Components

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LEGION: A Legacy of Excellence in Electronic Switches and Components

In the world of electronic components, few names carry as much history and reputation as LEGION. Established in 1993 in Taiwan, LEGION has been at the forefront of designing, researching, and manufacturing a wide range of power switches, earning trust and accolades from the global electronics industry.

The Diverse Product Range

LEGION's product portfolio is as diverse as it is innovative. The company specializes in the design and production of various power switches. Among their product offerings are:

Toggle Power Switches: These are the traditional rockers and levers that have been a staple in electronic devices for decades.

Push-Button Power Switches: Designed for easy and quick activation, these switches are commonly found in consumer electronics and appliances.

Rotary Power Switches: These switches are known for their durability and precision. They provide a reliable means to control various systems.

Slide (Voltage Selector) Switches: This series of switches is instrumental in voltage selection, critical for many devices' proper functioning.

Each of these switches is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the high-quality standards that LEGION is renowned for. This dedication to excellence is backed by a series of certifications, including UL, VDE, ENEC for European standards, and CQC, KC, and more.

The ROCKTEK Connection

LEGION's commitment to delivering quality products led them to establish another entity, ROCKTEK. Focused on the production and sales of microswitches, overload protection switches, and AC sockets, ROCKTEK has over a decade of experience in manufacturing electronic components.

The key to ROCKTEK's success lies in its continuous dedication to research and innovation, ensuring the production of top-notch products that consistently meet the needs of their customers.

A Powerful Merger

Recognizing the importance of diversifying their product offerings and serving their clients better, LEGION made a strategic move in October 2015. They acquired Shenzhen-based ROCKTEK, merging both companies to expand their production capabilities and quality control.

This strategic alliance not only amplified their manufacturing capabilities but also integrated some of the industry's best product design talents. The collaboration allowed them to cater more comprehensively to the dynamic needs of their clients by developing a diversified range of products and providing high-quality services.

A Decade of Excellence

Over the years, LEGION's product range has expanded significantly, and their certifications have grown more comprehensive. The company boasts advanced production and testing equipment, including high and low voltage load safety laboratories, ROHS testing equipment, plating thickness analyzers, automatic assembly machines, and more.

Their commitment to environmental and safety standards and the ability to provide technical support for products in a wide range of environments is a testament to their dedication to quality.

Customization and Collaboration

In addition to their exceptional line of products, LEGION also opens its doors to clients looking for custom solutions. They encourage customers to collaborate in designing products that fit their unique requirements and even offer OEM and ODM services.

This approach not only strengthens the client relationship but also highlights LEGION's innovative and customer-centric philosophy.

As LEGION and ROCKTEK continue to evolve and grow, their commitment to delivering top-notch electronic components while remaining adaptable and accommodating to client needs is unwavering. With a rich history, a versatile product line, and a reputation for quality and excellence, they stand poised to meet the ever-changing demands of the electronics industry in the future.

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