DC Power Jack Plays An Important Role In Schematic Connection

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DC Power Jack Plays An Important Role In Schematic Connection

For circuit interconnectivity, co-working with AC--DC adapter, DC Jack power connectors are  essential for modern electronic devices that connecting a direct current (DC) power schematics. Playing a role as bridge for AC into DC, DC Jack power connectors building connections for AC adapters or batteries, to electronic devices such as tabletop microphone, laptops, outers, TVs, tablets, household devices or other electronics that require a steady DC power supply.

All electrical devices need a stable, secure and reliable transfer of power to ensure their function well. That gives the importance to Power Connectors, which are essential electrical component that supporting the safe and efficient transfer of power from AC into DC. DC Power Jack is one of this big family of Power Connectors.

DC jacks

<Figure 1.  Hooya branded DC Power Jacks>

As a manufacturer of DC jacks, Hooya Electronics pays full attention on the products’ production & inspection, using both full automatic assembly machines & visual inspection system to contribute to their reliability in working environments for various scenarios.

Hooya’s DC-005S under CCD inspection

<Figure 1.  Hooya’s DC-005S under CCD inspection >

The definition of jacks are well-standardized within the industry, which defines a barrel connector’s gender based on the center pin configuration. Therefore, DC power connectors with a center pin are usually defined as male connectors and the mating connector as female.

Barrel Connector Dimensions

A few key specifications when deciding on an appropriate barrel connector is the inner pin and outer sleeve diameters. Listed in the tables below are the most common diameters for these specifications.

Figure 3. Common inner pin and outer sleeve diameters

<Figure 3. Common inner pin and outer sleeve diameters.>

IEC DC power connectors are a type of dc power connector that conforms to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. There are several types of IEC DC power connectors available, including:

Type A: 5.5 mm OD, 2.5 mm: It is a coaxial power connector with a male plug that has a central pin for the positive voltage and an outer shell for ground connection. Amplifiers and mixers commonly use this equipment in audio applications.

Type B: 6.0 mm OD, 2.5 mm: It is a coaxial power connector with a female jack that has a central hole for the male plug’s central pin and a threaded outer shell for the negative or ground connection. Routers, modems, and external hard drives are among the many electronic devices that commonly use this equipment

Type C: 3.8 mm OD, 1.1 mm: This is a DC power connector with a male plug that has two pins for the positive and negative connections. This equipment is commonly used in automotive and marine applications.

Type D: 6.3 mm OD, 3.1 mm: This is a DC power connector with a female jack that has two holes for the male plug’s two pins. It is commonly used in LED lighting and other low-power applications.

Type E: 3.4 mm OD, 1.3 mm: This is a DC power connector with a male plug that has three pins for the positive, negative, and ground connections. It is commonly used in electronic devices, such as laptops and printers.

DC Jack Power connectors are classified into several types, each with its own design, shape, and size.  Hooya’s  DC -005 series DC Power Jacks are of DC push-on Terminal Connector: A push-on DC plug or snap-in DC plug is simply a type of power connector for quick connection, consisting of a male plug and a female jack.

Standard sizes for dc connectors are 5.5mm (outer) x 2.1mm (inner) and 5.5mm x 2.5mm.
Here are some common voltage ratings for power coaxial connectors include 5V, 9V, 12V, and 24V,

DC Push on Terminal Connector

The male plug, which has a cylindrical shape with a central pin that carries the positive voltage with a spring-loaded outer sleeve that connects to the negative or ground connection, typically connects to a female jack on the device’s power input. The female jack has a central hole that matches the diameter of the male plug and is mounted on.

To connect the push-a-plug, you simply push the male plug into the female jack until it snaps into place. To disconnect the plug, you push down on the outer sleeve, which releases the connection. 

If your design requires a 30V/5A DC power jack, then Hooya Electronics has DC-515φ2.0-PU(DC30V 5A) & DC-015φ2.0-PU-SP(HY) 30V 5A as excellent choices for your design. For 60V/3A, we have DC-005LΦ2.0-PU-G(DC60V3A) as recommendation.


To meet customers’ demand of assembly, Hooya Electronics can also provide the bonding of wireharness.

DC-015 bonded wireharness

Customization is available, Hooya Electronics can assist your design from draft to real item meeting required standards.


DC-086 image2

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