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Rotary Switch Assembly

The product supports customization, and if needed, you can contact our business personnel
1.Rating: 5A /127VAC, 2.5A /250VAC

2.Contact Resistance:≤50MΩ

3.Insulation Resistance:≥100MΩ

4.Electric Life: 10,000cycles
  • PHMS-027-13

  • Legion

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

1.With the switch on position 2, apply 1500 AVC-50/60HZ during 5 seconds on the poles

that support live parts (connected) and the switch rod/cover.

2.The crimped connections shall comply with ALL the requirements of IEC 61210 and IEC

60352-2 concerning the specified mechanical tests, crimp heights, shapesof insulation grip,

correct positioning of conductor in the crimp barrel AMP, etc.

3.The tenslle strength evaluation of the crimped connections sh all comply with item 11.2.1

of the IEC 60352-2(6 kgf minimum).

4.Marking on a visible place:A)Manufacturer's trade mark or name.B)Type or reference.

5.Rated current and voltage for endurance tests(10000 cycel):5.5A/127Vac and

2.5A/250Vac(indvctive or motor Load)

6.Materials-Cover,Shaft,Case: PA66+25% Glass Fiber, REF. Chemlon S 125 GVH produced

by Teknor Apex Asia Pacific PTE. LTD.

7.Switch Housing must comply with the Golw wire requirement(750 °).

8.Part free from Cd/Pb/CFCs/PBDE.

It shall comply with "Royal Philips Electronics Life of Regulated Substances".

9.The dimension marked "*" are CTQ'S;


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